Local Church Bible Institute Program

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Start a First-Rate Bible Institute in your Church as an Affiliate with


Rev. Johnson Beaven, Bible Institute Consultant


A Proven Turn-Key System for Biblical & Theological Training at Your Local Church or Association 

In less than 30 days, you can join the growing number of "church-located" Bible institutes affiliated with International Bible Institute (IBI) of Santa Fe Springs, CA.  It's your school...you name it...you run it. 

Since 1979, IBI has specialized in providing a quality Bible School education at a fraction of the cost compared to most Bible Colleges.  IBI has helped scores of pastors establish institutes in their churches with schools in the U.S., Asia, Africa and Europe.  Over 7,200 students have registered in the IBI program.  

  • IBI offers a turn-key system that enables a church/association to operate a credible adult Bible institute without overloading the pastor or staff in the process.  IBI's support includes audio lectures, student course materials, instructor-facilitator manuals, customized promotional literature, registration process, and on-going administrative support.
  • IBI provides your school with a 3-year biblical studies diploma granting program consisting of 19 courses in Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, Christian Doctrine, Biblical Prophecy, Personal Evangelism, Church History and Sermon Preparation.
  • IBI courses were prepared and recorded by a faculty of 36 prominent evangelical scholars from the following schools: Asbury Theological Seminary, Biola University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Seminary, Life Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Wheaton College, Wheaton Graduate School, and others.
  • IBI program is very affordable to the local church/association and students.


IBI's Purpose 

IBI's primary purpose is to bring a good understanding of the Bible within reach of everyone.

IBI's market research indicates that approximately 100 million people in America want to have a good understanding of the whole Bible.  Many of them want a quality Bible School education, but they cannot quit their jobs or family responsibilities and go away to Bible College or Seminary.  Most would enroll for personal growth so that they can deal more effectively with family, workplace issues, and to be better prepared to serve in their churches.  Many desire a quality, foundational biblical education to prepare for further study with the hopes of entering part-time or full-time ministry.  It is the responsibility of churches to provide a quality Bible School education for these people.

IBI is launching a number of new "Church-Located" Bible Institutes nationwide providing a quality Bible School education at a fraction of the cost compared to going away to Bible College through the local church.  The local church represents the most appropriate of all places for people to get a good understanding of the Bible.  Additionally, the local church body gives students the opportunity for practical ministry and leadership experience while in the process of learning.  By establishing your own "Church-Located" Bible Institute, you can look forward to enriching the lives of many who have been hoping and praying for a good biblical education at an affordable cost.

Join the growing number of IBI affiliates who are bringing a good understanding of the Bible within reach of everyone.


Email for Information to Get Started Soon

Find out how effortless and affordable it is to have your own "Church-Located" Bible Institute up and running within a few weeks. Email me at jbeaveniii@aol.com.  Please provide your name, church name, complete address, telephone numbers, and email.  If you contact or email the IBI administration office in Santa Fe Springs, please reference AD# 1002-IN.


Students Learn Directly from Prominent Scholars

Gleason L. Archer Jr., Ph.D.
Charles W. Anderson, D.D.
Carl Armerding, D.D.
Donald G. Barnhouse, Th.D.
F. Carlton Booth, Mus.D.
S. Maxwell Coder, D.D.
V. Raymond Edmond, Ph.D.
E. Schuyler English, Litt.D.
Howard W. Ferrin, Ph.D.
Fred Fisher, Th.D.
Rev. Victor M. Ford
Daniel P. Fuller, Th.D
Frank E. Gaebelein, Litt.D.
Everett F. Harrison, Th.D.
Harold Helms, Th.D.
Clay Jones, M.Div.
Harold B. Kuhn, Ph.D.
William S. Lasor, Ph.D.
Michael S. Letinsky, Ph.D.
T. Leonard Lewis, Litt.D.
Harold Lindsell, Ph.D.
L. E. Maxwell
J. Vernon Mcgee, Th.D.
Harold J. Ockenga, Ph.D.
Stephen W. Paine, Th.D.
James Reeve, Ph.D.
Arnold C. Schultz, Th.D.
Wilbur M. Smith, D.D.
Merrill C. Tenney, Ph.D.
Nathaniel Van Cleave, Th.D.
John F. Walvoord, Th.D.
Arthur B. Whiting, Th.D.
Earle E. Williams, Ph.D.
Walter L. Wilson, M.D.
Charles Woodbridge, Ph.D.
William H. Wrighton, LL.D.
IBI's Support

IBI aims to provide our affiliate schools with the best of academic and operational support to ensure a quality spiritual and educational experience for their students.

Endorsements of Pastors

  • "In 1979 we were just starting a ministry and were asking the Lord's guidance as to how we can reach more with the gospel.  By God's providence, He brought IBI to us.  In over twenty years we have graduated 363 men and women.  What is almost unbelievable is that so many of our graduates are now pastors reaching thousands in every corner of the Philippines.  Some are missionaries in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Tibet, Israel, Kuwait and Bahrain.  My graduates have come back to me over the years to say thank you for making it possible for them to prepare for ministry."  - Bishop Jesse Candelaria, Charismatic Ecumenical Ministries International    Jacksonville, Florida and Angeles City, Philippines


  • "In over 30 years of teaching and pastoring, I have yet to see a Bible based curriculum and program so thorough and comprehencsive as the one that IBI Publishers provides.  This program is not just intensive, but easliy assimilated by the student." - Pastor Benjamin Rosen, H.O.P.E. Church    Newbury, Ohio


  • "Thank you for the fine study material we have received from IBI.  It has helped our church significantly in preparing students for the ministry.  From our first graduating class in 2003 we now have several who are serving full-time in pastoral responsibilities." - Harold Helms, Th.D.   Founder, School of Ministry, New Life Center    Bakersfield, CA


  •  "On January 7, 1999 we opened our doors at the Lomax Bible Institute.  Since that time we have graduated 15 students of which 2 have entered into the preaching ministry.  Thank you, Dr. Williams and International Bible Institute for all you do and have done with this program." - Rev. Dr. Gary W. Burns,  Lomax AME Zion Church   Arlington, VA


  • "We had considered starting a Bible Institute for years and your material and help has made it a possibility.  This next year we will graduate our first class.  We have seen additions to our church family as a result of our institute as students have begun coming to our church because of the Bible Institute we have provided.  The students have been excited by the quality Bible training they have received in exchange for VERY economical costs.  Thank you for your help and great biblical material."  - Rev. David R. Short, Assoc. Pastor    Grace Baptist Church, Brunswick, Ohio 


  • "We started our first class in January 2005.  The students were really impressed with the materials they received.  They were excited about the course, but were amazed at the quality of the materials--the professionalism."  - George Galicik, Dean  South Jersey Bible Institute  Gibbsboro, New Jersey


  • "The one thing which compelled us to choose IBI as our tool of discipleship for the equipping of the saints is that it is centered, focused and founded in and on the Word of God.  Our students are developing a hunger and passion for the Bible they've never known before."  - Pastor Carl Hampsch, Word of Life Community Church    Newman Lake, Washington


  • "I have, over the years, looked at a lot of different schools of the Bible and have tried many of them.  IBI was an answer to prayer.  We get a basic foundation of the Word, and as a teacher, I can add my own input and emphasis into the lessons.  I would put my students up against most Christians that have been in church for many years concerning the Word of God.  Our members want to learn and IBI has given them the means to do it."  - Pastor Tom Blackwood, Solid Rock Church    Grove Town, Georgia


  • "We began our first classes in August 1985 and have graduated over 130 students; 35 have continued their studies at colleges and seminaries.  The IBI program in our church increased membership and financial support."  - Dr. E.S. Singletary,  New Life Christian Center    San Bernadino, CA

Email for Information to Get Started Soon

Find out how effortless and affordable it is to have your own "Church-Located" Bible Institute up and running within a few weeks. Email me at jbeaveniii@aol.com.  Please provide your name, church name, complete address, telephone numbers, and email.  If you contact or email the IBI administration office in Santa Fe Springs, please reference AD# 1002-IN.